One taste, and you're coming back.

DAILY OFFERINGS • November 15, 2019

Our daily offerings showcase JK’s seasonal featuresDinner entrees are served with red bliss mashed potatoes, vegetable of the day and freshly baked bread unless stated otherwise. Featuring fresh vegetables from JK’s secret  garden at Bulman Farms Weeksville, NC.


Beef Bourguinon – Beef tenderloin braised in red wine with carrots, onions & mushrooms.  8

NC Shrimp – Classic chilled shrimp served with cocktail sauce & lemon.  13

Carolina Egg Rolls – Two crispy fried Bulman Farms collard and pulled pork stuffed egg rolls served with sweet chili dipping sauce.  13

Salmon Salad – Mixed greens and crisp romaine tossed with apple bourbon vinaigrette, warmed wedge of brie, pickled red onion, sour cherries & pecan encrusted Scottish Salmon.  19

Maytag Salad – Mixed baby greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette with toasted walnuts, sun dried cherries and Rogue River bleu cheese (Oregon).  14

South Carolina Quail – Mesquite grilled semi-boneless quail served over mixed greens with Roquefort vinaigrette.  14

FISH • SHELLFISH   Served with rice and vegetable of the day.

Scottish Salmon – Mesquite grilled filet, basted with lemon dill butter.  For years a JK’s favorite.  33

Tuna – Blackened Yellowfin filet topped with lump crab Pico de Gallo.  34

Sea Bass – Pan seared filet with roasted red pepper beurre blanc.  36

Rockfish – Crispy skin seared Rockfish filet with saffron aioli.  36

Seafood Pasta – Pan seared shrimp, sea scallops, bacon, baby spinach & grape tomatoes in traditional Carbonara sauce tossed with penne pasta.  29


Sliced Filet – 6 oz. mesquite grilled & sliced filet with chimichurri sauce.  27

JK’s Special – Mesquite grilled and sliced filet mignon medallions with béarnaise sauce paired with Mediterranean marinated mesquite grilled shrimp skewer.  35

Veal Rib Chop – 14 oz. mesquite grilled veal rib chop topped with bleu cheese butter.  42

Lamb Rack– 16 oz. rack of lamb mesquite grilled and served with chimichurri sauce.  38

Mixed Grill – Mesquite grilled chimichurri marinated beef kabob along with golden fried crab cake and cast iron seared tuna filet with creamy lemon dill sauce.  36



Our House-Aged Western Beef is chosen for premium marbling. 

Carefully selected from the best corn-fed beef, and then aged to our exacting specifications, JK’s serves you the best of the best.  All cuts are hand-carved by our butcher.

JK’s steaks are grilled over 1,000-degree mesquite coals.


Preferences:  Rare – very red, cool center.  Medium Rare – red, warm center.

Medium – pink center.  Medium Well – slightly pink center.  Well – cooked throughout, no pink


Center Cut Filet Mignon – 8 oz. cut, from hand selected aged tenderloins.  35

New York Strip – 12 oz. center cut, from aged loins.  35

Ribeye – 12 oz. cut, this classic melts in your mouth.  35

Prime Rib Chop – Mesquite grilled 20 oz. bone-in Ribeye cut from the standing rib.  46

New York Strip Sanchez – 12 oz. cut, marinated in our chimichurri sauce, then mesquite grilled.  35

Cowboy Steak – 26 oz. bone-in ribeye aged 40 days, mesquite grilled.  60

USDA Prime Filet – 10 oz. aged 40 days, mesquite grilled.  60

USDA Prime Ribeye – 20 oz. boneless ribeye, aged 45 days, mesquite grilled.  60